Douma 4 Vigil, Amnesty Candle at Busáras, Dublin, December 9th, 6pm

Details here: douma4-a5-flyer-hr
Please stand with us at a vigil in memory of the Douma 4 – Extraordinary people and victims of the conflict in Syria. This, our 3rd Dublin vigil for these heroic people will be held at 6pm on Friday December 9th at the Amnesty Candle Monument beside Busáras in Dublin.

The so-called Douma 4 iconically represent the heights of the civil society uprising in Syria but their fate is also reflective of the depths of the ongoing crushing of a movement that once held so much hope and promise.

This extraordinary group of human rights activists was abducted on December 9th in 2013, allegedly by Jaish al-‘Islam, and have not been seen or heard of since. Jaish al-‘Islam is a militia that was under the control of Zahran Alloush, who has himself since been killed. Alloush was one of the approximately 1,500 jihadists that Assad released from his jails in 2011 to “poison” the revolution and legitimise his murderous and violent campaign of suppression against civilian opposition.

Our solidarity with the civilian opposition can not end with the crushing of the organised opposition forces in Aleppo and elsewhere in Syria. Our political leaders and so-called international diplomacy have yet again crumbled in the face over overwhelming violence and military force. Assad still has many tens of thousands of innocent people, including minors, detained in wretched conditions in detention centres and there are now countless thousands of people – again including children – displaced in Syria and facing a bleak and uncertain future. They will all be at the mercy of the Assad regime and its Russian and Iranian allies and desperately need our support and solidarity.

Thank you.


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