How the Syrian Revolution has transformed me


Excel article explaining lack of solidarity with Syrians:

Budour Hassan on grappling with prejudices of ‘how a revolution should ‘look like’ & ‘how we should react to a movement against a purportedly pro-Palestinian regime… Until 2011, my talk about breaking borders and internationalist solidarity was but a soundbite, mere rhetorics. Thanks to the Syrian uprising, I finally understood what solidarity is really about. Syrians marched in solidarity with Gaza amid the rubble of their houses destroyed by Syrian regime air strikes. The Syrian Revolutionary Youth put out posters against the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians in the Naqab when most of the group’s members were in hiding, jails, exile, or graves.  (via Leila Al-Shami)

The world revolves around Palestine, or so I thought until 2011.

The Palestinian cause, I argued, was the litmus test for anyone’s commitment to freedom and justice. Palestine was the one and only compass that must guide any Arab revolution.  Read more

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