Save Aleppo – A weekend of action


The unbearably dire situation in Syria in general and currently in Aleppo in particular, demands a massive and emphatic response from the street. The violent and brutal repression of civil-society resistance in Syria is an attack on civil-society activism everywhere.
Please support this demo on Saturday, October 1st at 2pm at the GPO/Spire in Dublin. This demonstration has been organised by the Irish Syria Solidarity Movement with the support of peace campaigner Brendan Butler. If possible, please wear or bring red and please share notice of this demonstration widely in any way you can.


Bombardment of Aleppo – Protest Rally – Saturday 1st October, 2pm – Dublin GPO/Spire

This is advance notice of a protest rally to be held on this coming Saturday, October 1st at 2pm at the GPO/Spire on O’Connell Street in Dublin. This rally is in response to the dramatically worsening situation in Syria in general and Aleppo in particular since the collapse of the recent so-called ceasefire.

We will provide more details later but please try to spread the word as soon and as widely as you can. The revulsion that many of us feel towards the events there needs to be expressed in a mass demonstration to be of consequence.

I don’t exist; Aleppo is hell. by Gianluca Costantini


The Guardian and Irish Times calling for international mobilisation to protect Aleppo from Assad and Putin

The Guardian view on the battle for Aleppo: stop it now

The Irish Times:  Syria: Aleppo has become a ‘new Srebrenica’. Inhabitants right to see indifference to their destruction as a betrayal



With the fall of east Aleppo now imminent…


With the fall of east Aleppo now imminent, among the series of reports of the desperate plight of the population were one from American Dr Samer Attar who was in the last car out of Aleppo:

‘We had to stop doing CPR on a child who was severely injured in order to save someone else who was bleeding to death who we knew could be saved’. He added ‘that child could have [been saved], had we got the personnel and the resources…I saw children missing limbs, children holding their intestines in their hands, body parts on the floor…I saw parents running around looking for their children, trying to find out who is alive and who is dead. … The screaming never let up…. One nurse told me that he feels like people in Aleppo are like bugs being crushed and that the world has abandoned them.

’ -see report here: (14th July 2016).

Roy Gutman (Pulitzer prize winning reporter for A Witness to Genocide, on the 1993 ethnic cleansing of Bosnia) wrote a piece on July 12th on how the last supply route into Aleppo was cut under Syrian regime and Russian aerial bombardment, supported by Iranian troops on the ground Read more

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